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Making A Difference In Your Community.

Discover Positions That Allow You To Reach Your Full Potential.

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Invest In A Career That Is Fulfilling.

No one wants to be stuck in a career that does not suit their wants and needs. You deserve a job that is fulfilling and allows you to grow over time.


By applying for a position at TCC, you will have a career with:

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A Supportive Environment

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Growth Opportunities

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Comprehensive Benefits

Discover Our Core Values.



We will help people and communities in need, whenever and however we can.

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Mutual Respect

We will treat others as we’d wish to be treated with dignity, safety, and sensitivity.

With TCC, we value providing essential support and care to members of our community who need it. Our commitment extends beyond mere services; it's about creating a nurturing environment where every individual feels seen, heard, and supported on their journey toward healing and recovery.



We will be responsible caretakers of the assets, people, and finances entrusted to us.

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We will provide the highest possible standard of care for our clients with passion for the mission.

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Honesty, Trust, & Integrity

At TCC, honesty, trust, and integrity form the foundation of our care, guiding every interaction and decision.

Open Positions

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Your Path To A Lifelong Career.

Joining the TCC team means being part of a community that believes in kindness, respect, and the power of helping others. Together, we can continue to build a future where everyone has access to the care and support they need to thrive. With over 40 years of experience and countless hours put in to helping those in need, we are the perfect employer for those seeking a lifelong, fulfilling career.

Experiences Working For TCC.

“I started with TCC as a client in 2008 at Kindred Spirits. After completing treatment, I got employed by TCC in November 2010. I have worked in housing for 13 years. I see an authentic side of people and love being there to help. I moved from a part-time employee to a shift supervisor, site supervisor, and coordinator. I thought about transitioning to the clinical side multiple times, but my heart is in housing.”

TCC Success Story

Start Your Career In 3 Steps:


Step 1: Explore Our Openings

Visit our openings page to view our current positions that we have a need to fill.

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Step 2: Submit Your Application

Once you find the position that is right for you and you meet the basic requirements, submit your application.

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Step 3: Enjoy A Fulfilling Career

Once hired, you will begin your position at TCC, providing excellent care to our community!

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